• Who knocks at the door?

  • Who does knock at the door?

I am confused here. Usually, first sentence is acceptable. But I did not read about the 2nd one. Is it correct? Is it an emphatic sentence of present indefinite tense?

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Who knocks on/at the door?

Who does knock on/at the door?

The first sentence is grammatically correct, whereas the second is incorrect.

When you start a sentence with the pronoun "who" as the subject in a sentence, you don't need to use the auxiliary "do/does/did". On the other hand, when you use who as the object at the start of a sentence, you need to put this auxiliary after it in front of the subject. For example:

Who do you want to talk to?

who did you meet?

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    To add to Kahn's answer, I would usually see: "Who is knocking on the door?" or "Who is at he door?" Although the constructions you have provided are correct. – SolarLunix Jul 23 '15 at 8:06
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