When speaking about studying is it proper to say in simple present like

  • I study science in the university. or in simple present continuous as
  • I am studying science in the university.

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  1. We use the present simple for something that always, regularly or never happens.
  2. We use the present continuous for something that is happening now.
  3. We use the present simple for a fact that is always true.

I study sience in the university.

This is something that happens regularly.

I am studying science in the University.

This is something happening at this very moment. Normally continuous tenses have words like at the moment, (right) now, etc.

  • As you said I have to answer in the continuous form if I am in the science class at the moment. If someone ask me ."What are you studying in the university?.
    – sac
    Jul 26, 2015 at 8:26

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