I wrote this sentence

Student is able to listen a word as many times as he wishes

Are there more formal ways, or other alternatives to say that?


It's okay as it is, except that listen a word should be listen to a word.

However, unless you are describing a system that is only for male students, the practice of using he to refer to a person of unknown gender is becoming obsolete, and may strike some readers as sexist. You may wish to write:

A student may listen to a word as many times as he or she wishes.

Or rephrase to use the plural:

Students may listen to words as many times as they wish.

Or rephrase completely:

A student may listen to a word an unlimited number of times.

  • Also, I note that you have corrected "is able to" to "may". You might want to explain the distinction. – WhatRoughBeast Jul 26 '15 at 0:40

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