Example (Putin Would Eat President Trump for Lunch):

One is Yevgeny Chichvarkin, co-founder of the Yevroset chain of mobile phone shops. Like Trump, he is flamboyant and outspoken. Trump sold a line of rather tasteless clothes under his name until Macy's discontinued it earlier this month. Chichvarkin is famous for dressing like a pop star -- all loud colors and improbable cuts. Trump hosted "The Apprentice" on NBC; Chichvarkin was one of the five hosts of "Kapital" on Russia's TNT channel, judging investment pitches from young entrepreneurs. Trump likes to curse, and so does Chichvarkin.

What kind of cuts is the author talking about?

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The "cut" of a garment is its shape, conferred upon it by the shapes into which the fabric is cut by the tailor.

(Note, by the way, that tailor is originally French tailleur—literally, "cutter".)

An improbable "cut" is one which is so extravagant or outré that it defies tailoring convention.

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