When we say something in specified operating system, which preposition should I use? e.g.

I play games {in/on/under} Windows.


Programs run ON operating systems, but I think few people would say that they play a game on Windows, they would say they play a game on a computer running Windows.

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    or, I play the games designed for Windows/Android/Mac platform – Cardinal Aug 3 '15 at 10:29

I play games ON Windows.This is because any application runs on top of the Operating System.

If you say "I play games IN Windows", it could means games available as a part of the Operating System, present inside the OS. If you want to mean that, then I think you can say "IN Windows".

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The answer might vary by country (Indian English, British English, American English). In the US, we would say "...games that run under Windows".

See this ngram.

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