If I have a sentence beginning with a number, should I use a capital letter? For example:

24 Other schools


24 other schools


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After the number, you do not use a capital.

However, in terms of style it is considered untidy to start a sentence with a number. You should either write the number in full or reword your sentence so that it does not begin with that number.

  • Twenty-four other schools...
  • Other schools, 24 in total,...

If your number contains a decimal point, this does not apply. In that case, writing the numbers in full would result in a very sloppy sentence. The word following the number is not capitalised:

  • 24,34% of all schools,...
  • It is also generally considered proper to write out small numbers (although where the dividing line is depends on the style guide; I've seen anywhere from 1-5 to 1-20) and even multiples of ten. Every style guide I've ever read has some version of this, but they are commonly ignored in informal writing.
    – TBridges42
    Aug 6, 2015 at 13:47

If the context of the sentence is formal enough that correctly capitalising or not is an issue, I'd recommend replacing the numerals with words.

Twenty four other schools

At least that removes any ambiguity as to how to capitalise.

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