From Taylor Swift's Blank Space:

Nice to meet you

Where you been?

I could show you incredible things

Magic, madness, heaven, sin

Saw you there and I thought oh my god

Look at that face, you look like my next mistake

Love's a game, wanna play

New money, suit and tie

I can read you like a magazine

Ain't it funny rumors fly

And I know you heard about me

So hey, let's be friends

I'm dying to see how this one ends

Grab your passport and my hand

I could make the bad guys good for a weekend

So it's gonna be forever

Or it's gonna go down in flames

You can tell me when it's over

If the high was worth the pain

Got a long list of ex-lovers

They'll tell you I'm insane

Cause you know I love the players

And you love the game

  • It must be a contraction of "I have got"
    – Random
    Aug 7 '15 at 7:12

It means that the speaker HAS a long list of ex-lovers.

Based on the choices you provided, the speaker gained lovers and lost them; hence, the long list.

Got was used in an informal way.


Got means have in this context. It's improper English but it is widely used in America.

In his case it's "I have a long list of ex-boyfriends"

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