Should I use "have" or "has" after the word "people"?

For example:

"Not all people HAVE pigments in their eyes"


"Not all people HAS pigments in their eyes

I'm asking it because "people" refers to a quantity, it says more than one person, at least two.

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    The two questions (I guess have vs. has and the vs. no the) are different issues. They need to be asked in separate questions. You might also elaborate why you think either might be OK. – user3169 Aug 8 '15 at 3:00
  • And then there's the question of whether pigments should be plural or singular..... – Brian Hitchcock Aug 8 '15 at 9:29
  1. The first sentence with "have" is correct while the second
    sentence with "has" isn't correct. The word people is a plural noun that takes the plural form of a verb.

  2. Again, the first sentence with have is OK, whereas the second one isn't correct.

The difference between the two sentences with "the people" and "people" is that we are referring to specific people in the former, at a party for example, whereas we are making a general statement about people in the latter; it has a general meaning.

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people is used in plural third person. So you need to use people have. For the second one: — Not all people (...).

Even though, I've seen this written as Not all the people. I guess it depends of the context.

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