(This song is a rip off to DEA LEPPARD "pour some sugar on me") it's actually a random comment i saw under a music video. And i still don't get both meaning and grammar..

  • Verb+preposition phrase "to rip off" is among many (to pick up, to clean up) that can be used as a noun, I think. – Victor Bazarov Aug 14 '15 at 12:05
  • A "rip off" is when you take something belonging to someone else, change it just a little bit, and call it yours. – JMB Aug 14 '15 at 15:54

Rip off is a 1960s slang phrasal verb which can mean either "steal [something from somebody]" or "rob [somebody of something":

He built bookcases with cinderblocks and boards he ripped off from a construction site.

Eighty bucks for an oil change. Those bastards really ripped me off.

The noun is usually spelled ‹ripoff›:

I scored tickets, but it was a real ripoff.

Your commenter is accusing the artist of plagiarizing a Def Leppard song.

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