I have the following sentence:

We do not need to worry the temperature part since whatever temperature is, the red object is just an consistent transformation between blue object and yellow object and will not affect the tendency of energy changing.

Here I want to say the transformation will be independent of temperature. I wish to use consistent to show this, but I am not sure about it.

For tendency part, I wish to use it to mean how the energy will change. For example, if the energy is dropping, in my understanding, the tendency of energy changing means the energy dropping.

Also, if you have any suggestions about the formation of this sentence, I am really glad to hear.

Thank you!

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Consistent seems out of place.

I'd probably rewrite it as

We do not need to worry about the temperature because the red object ...

As to how to connect the blue, the yellow and the red objects with respect to energy trends (tendency relates to intent, rather), more context is needed. Perhaps you could ask another question about the tendency (and energy).

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