Recently, my downstairs neighbor always slam the door, and that is so annoying. Which of the following utterances should I use?

  1. The noise from you slamming the door is so loud. Could you be more quiet?

  2. Could you quit slamming the door? It's so annoying.

  3. Could you just stop slamming the door? Frankly, that is making so much noise as I study in my room.

By the way, are my examples grammatically correct?


Your examples are just fine, (non-related: when writting, use an "space" after a comma), you could add "please" to them.

Personally, I would go with "Could you please be more careful when closing the door? I'm studing for my finals and I have to be really focused.

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    Essential here is not using the word slamming: This avoids the accusation that your neighbor is slamming the door. He (she) may not perceive that as such (or may not even be aware of it) and start to defend himslf. – user22427 Aug 21 '15 at 9:16

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