At the age of six the author visited a theater for the first time.

Is the use of "a" correct, if he had never visited any theater before that time?

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    Yes, it is correct (general vs. specific articles), if the context does not provide any SPECIFIC theatre (i.e., the context on a specific theatre's not established/identified, but there exist that specific theatre). Use 'the' otherwise.
    – shin
    Aug 23, 2015 at 7:31

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The difference between articles in this case and the choice of the right one depends on whether "theater" (or "theatre") meant is the form of art or a location where such form of art is practiced.

For the location, you can use 'a' because likely no particular location is meant. For the form of art, you're likely to use "the" (similar to "the opera" or "the cinema").


As a building theatre is countable but as plays it is uncountable

I enjoy theatre and swimming.

The verb is visited then it means a building, but visited a theater idiomatically means watched theatre, then it implies

At the age of six the author watched theater for the first time.

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