When I have a problem after purchasing something at the store, I'd like to take it back to the store and change it. These are two examples. One is that I bought a rug, but it didn't fit the space, so I'd like to change it to something different. Another is that I bought a space heater, but there's something wrong, so I wanted to change it to a different one. In these situations, which verb shoud I use? Or can I use all three verbs interchangeably, saying "I'd like to replace / exchange / change this." or "Could you replace / exchange / change this?" I looked up the differences on the internet or the dictionary, but still I cannot get it.

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You want to exchange the item you purchased. That is, you want to return to the store the one you bought and have the store give you a new one for one reason or another.

You want the store to replace it.

The clearest way to express this in American English is to say to the salesperson or service desk person:

I'd like to exchange this rug for a larger one (because it's too small for the space I want to put it in). [NB: The reason is optional unless you're asked for a reason.]

I'd like to exchange this space heater for a new one that works. When I tried to use this one that I bought here yesterday, it didn't work. Can we test the new one here before I take it home?

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    +1 And when you bring the new rug home you place it on the floor, replacing the old one with the new one. (Unless the store refuses the exchange, in which case you simply re-place the old one!) That does not change either the old one or the new one, but it does change your room. Commented May 18, 2013 at 13:24
  • @StoneyB A comment worthy of your wit, but you seem to have forgotten the +1! I'll add my own to make up for it ;)
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  • @WendiKidd So I did; how embarassing! ... remedied. Commented May 18, 2013 at 14:50

Replace means change old ine with new one but should b same item or product. Change take place when u wear the shirt and asking for another one with that one. xchange take place when u ask for any shirt in ur hand and asking for another one.

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