Could you explain me why in this sentence "drop" or "dance" are past simple?

Here is the sentence:

"If Satan had a pool party, the F.P would have be playing loudly in the background while everyone dropped acid and danced like it was 1969."

I would write "Would be dropping and would be dancing" or "would drop and would dance" as it is not a real situation I would use "would".


The past tense is established in the first part of the sentence:

If Satan had a ...

So it would be inappropriate to use present tense for the other verbs.

The hypothetical is established at the beginning of the second clause:

the F.P would have been playing... (corrected to past tense)

So it is unnecessary to use "would" with the other verbs, as it is implied and would sound repetitive.

It would probably be a good idea to correct the sentence to have all verbs in the same tense, though. I would do this by changing "would have been playing" to "would have played", though this is not strictly necessary.

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