I'm doing a grammar exercise and I have to complete the sentence underneath

A cup of tea is the most refreshing drink of all. There's.................as a refreshing drink.

The given word is 'match'

The answer key says 'There's nothing to match tea as a refreshing drink.'

Can somebody explain this structure, it looks weird to me, especially the preposition 'as' used with 'match'

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  • ... or "there's nothing that matches tea ..." So there's at least two reasonable answers. – Peter Shor Aug 26 '15 at 13:15

The preposition 'as' is paired with 'tea', and not with 'match'. The structure is

There is nothing to match {what?}
.. here {what?} = "tea as a refreshing drink".

"Tea as a refreshing drink" is an objective clause.

The meaning is that if we look at tea considering only its quality of being a refreshing drink, then there is nothing that matches it (among other refreshing drinks).

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