It seems I have a problem in using some verbs like addressing, locating, identifying and specifying.

In this sentence:

However, the main drawback of the approaches that rely on the HTML structure to identify objects is the lack of flexibility. They may require the use of absolute HTML paths to (address/locate/identify/specify/specify the address of/specify the location of) a data item. This approach is likely to fail when the target HTML page changes.

I know that identify fits, but how about the others?

I thought of address in this context: 'to find, or to specify the address of something', but it seems this means just 'talking to a certain individual', or 'trying to solve a problem'.

locate again to specify the location, but it seems this means 'to find the location'.

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Well, the HTML path is something that specifies the location of an item. So

They may require the use of absolute HTML paths to locate/specify a data item.

is certainly correct. They even are a better fit than identify, which has the connotation of 'you already have a data item, but don't know what it is exactly.'

Address is more often used (as a verb) for real-world addresses and the subject is usually a person then (e.g. 'I address this letter to you.')

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