In order to complete the highway on time, the workers worked _____ quickly _____ there was not even a time to talk.

options given:

(a)such, that (b)as,as (c)such, as (d)so,that

My Approach

Ans d because i found it the most appropriate.

Any better approach to analyze the Ans? or Correct me if i am wrong.


Let's try this backwards:

  • such needs a noun - but in your sentence you need something to describe an adverb, quickly, thus (a) and (c) can't be correct.

  • as - as is used in comparisons to express equality between two semantically similar things - this is not the case here (counter-example: "*they worked as quickly as they could"), ruling (b) out.

  • so - that - the so is for adverbs what such is for nouns (see above), that gives a causal connection between the two sentences.

-> Answer (d) is correct

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