I wrote down the bad dream on the written/writing paper.

Which is the correct usage, "written" or "writing" paper in the given sentence?

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In this case, "writing" isn't even needed. You can just say "I wrote down the bad dream on the paper" if you were referencing the paper in a previous sentence. If this sentence is not paired with another sentence talking about the paper, replace "the" with "some".


As @Riley said, writing is not necessary in most cases. However if you previously referenced two or more types of paper and wanted to specify which paper you wrote about the dream on, you could say, I wrote down the bad dream on the writing paper.

As @Riley also said, if you didn't reference the paper before in your writing, then you would say some paper.

Anyway, the correct word is writing, the present participle of to write, and not the past participle written.

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