What is the proper way to ask?

How can we achieve this?


How we can archive this?

What's the difference between them?

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If you want to form a question, how/what/which etc. should be followed by a verb. And here, the verb is 'can'.


How can we achieve this?

forms a question.

Take another example.

How we do it

is not forming a question. You need an auxiliary verb there to form a question.

How do we do it?

I often teach my daughter in this way...

The first one is 'actually' a sentence and not a question.

[This is] how we can achieve this!

It's not possible to mark it as a sentence with an auxiliary verb in it placed after 'how'

[This is] how can we achieve this?

The latter requires question mark and the former does not!

Just a trick!

  • Then if I say How we can do it. What it means? Does it make sense? Aug 28, 2015 at 12:14
  • 1
    In India, it's very common and if you are speaking to an Indian, it'll go 'okay!' But my personal recommendation - don't practice it!
    – Maulik V
    Aug 28, 2015 at 12:16
  • Yes! In our country most of the people are asking/saying How we can instead of How can we. That's why got this doubt. :-) Thanks for your answer. Aug 28, 2015 at 12:19

The difference between these two sentences is too simple:

How can we achieve this? (This is a completed question.You are asking,what do I do? and then I achieve this)

How we can achieve this (This is not a completed question or sentence,only a phrase that describe how you do the action.)

example: If we study hard then we can pass the exam so "this is how we can achieve the success."(Think it like "This is our method to achieve the success")

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