Is it correct to ask the following question: "And?", when you ask for more answers to avoid the repetition of the full question you are referring to. For example, in the following conversation:

Arnold: What colors can you see in this picture?
Billy: Brown.
Arnold: And?
Billy: Yellow.
Arnold: And?
Billy: Grey.

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    Yes, this is normal usage for conversational English. – Walter May 22 '13 at 6:57

And is used in conversational English when the person who is listening is expecting the other person to say more, as in your case and in the following one.

A: I saw Michelle.
B: And?
A: She said she misses you and she feels stupid for what she did.
B: She could have thought of that before doing what she did.
A: Yes, but she is really sorry.


Yes. 'And?' is an elliptical question. Merriam Webster defines elliptical as marked by extreme economy of speech or writing.

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