I have the following sentence:

What this program does is produces fluorescent proteins in a rhythmic fashion and generates a small molecule that allows bacteria to communicate and synchronize, as you're seeing in this movie.

What does 'in a rhythmic fashion' mean?

The Cambridge Dictionary gives the following definitions for fashion:

fashion noun (POPULAR STYLE)

A2 [C or U]: a ​style that is ​popular at a ​particular ​time, ​especially in ​clothes, ​hair, ​make-up, etc.:

  • Long ​hair is back in fashion for men.
  • Fur ​coats have gone out of fashion.
  • a ​programme with ​features on ​sport and fashion
  • She always ​wears the ​latest fashions.

fashion noun (MANNER) › [S] a way of doing things: - The ​rebel ​army ​behaved in a ​brutal fashion.

It is not clear how either of these definitions applies to the current usage. Or if one of them doesn't, it's not clear why it is that one that does!

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The word fashion in this context means "A manner of doing something" and is used as synonym of the words manner, way, method, mode, style; system, approach.

Some example sentences in this sense:

The work is done in a rather casual fashion

I think that danger may lurk in the background, but it is likely to arise in an indirect fashion, rather than directly.

The word rhythmic means "occurring regularly".

Example sentence for the word rhythmic is:

There are rhythmic changes in our bodies

So in a rhythmic fashion means "in a regular way or system".

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