When I have finished my task, and I need next task, which of following variants is correct?

  1. What the next job?
  2. What next job?
  3. What to do next?
  4. …?

What is the next task/job/step?
What shall I do next?

You could also just request to give you the plan/project/task list:

Please share the task list with me.

The sentence "What the next job?" lacks the verb.

The sentence "What next job?" is grammatically correct, but has a different meaning and might be used as an exclamation in response to a suggestion to go on to the next job. Your boss, "You're done with your current job, good! You can begin your next job, then." -- You (surprised), "What next job?" (as in "I thought I was going on vacation!")

The sentence "What to do next?" is the most acceptable from the ones you posted.

  • +1 Or, more simply (and more colloquially), What's next? – StoneyB Sep 15 '15 at 20:45

The correct option is to ask:

What is the next task?

Attention please to the using of the auxiliary verb "is".

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