In the following sentence should I need to add an article ('an') or I can write it without this article?

  1. I don't have enough information about this city
  2. I don't have an enough information about this city

The 'enough' in "enough {something}" is itself a determiner and thus does not need another determiner (article) in front of it. It can have only an adverb, like "nearly".

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  • yeah he's right you don't need the an – Sam Harrington Sep 16 '15 at 18:51

Victor is correct, but it should also be mentioned that "information" is used in a plural form without any conjugation, much like "data." Therefore, even if we were to remove "enough:"

I don't have an information about this city.

This is still incorrect. "Information" is understood to be a collection of things that you know, and therefore it is understood to be plural. Removing "an" or replacing "an" with "any" would make this sentence correct.

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