I have been wondering if there is any difference between He is and he's as answers to questions.Please consider the following sentences:

  1. A:How old is he?
  2. B:he's five years old.

Why is it not common to answer such questions with the "is" preceded by pronoun?

I and other people who have this exact question in mind would be very appreciated if someone provides an answer.


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They mean the same thing: "he's" is a contraction of "he is."

"He's" is how it is usually spoken (at least in informal/conversational speech) and so "he's" is also frequently used in written dialogue.

In more formal writing you generally would use "he is" and not the contraction.

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    To add, "he is" would be the second part of the affirmative answer to a question. You would never say, "Yes, he's", and always, "Yes, he is". However, it's possible to use the contraction when there are words that follow. Commented Sep 16, 2015 at 17:56

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