• He went into sea alone.

  • He went in sea alone.

  • He went to sea alone.

What is the difference in all these sentences? Are they grammatically correct?

As per my knowledge into means an entry so he is entering the sea. Secondly in refers to something located inside or within so I believe going in the sea is wrong. And the last one going to sea is correct.


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First, you have to write "the sea". Also, this is not an issue of grammar but meaning.

More context is necessary to choose, but in general:

He went to the sea alone.

This means you went to the area near the sea. If I went to a coastal area, I could say this. But it does not really mean in/on the water.

He went into the sea alone.

This means he went from being "out of the water" to "in the water".

He went in the sea alone.

Same as "into" when using went, since motion is indicated.

Generally I would use on the sea when you are traveling in a boat.

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