I absolutely love to travel whether it be domestic or international! I have traveled all over the world for work and pleasure (Europe, UAE, Russia, Africa, Canada) but I still have quite a few places on my bucket list to visit! I love wine almost as much as I love to travel :). My friends and my mother mean the world to me! I would do anything for them and vice versa. I am a type A personality and can be high strung at times! I want someone who works hard and is driven but who knows how to balance their work and social/family life. I am not your typical girl. I do not date just to date and I do not go out on dates for a free meal. Pay attention to my preferences!

She says high strung at time and then she says she liked someone who is driven . Are all these idiom? Be driven and be strung?


The phrase "can be high strung at times" means that she can be nervous or easily upset. When she says she likes someone who is "driven" she means that she likes someone who is motivated or determined.

  • Something I think the OP might find useful: "High strung" is derived from the tendency of tightly-wound string or rope to break easily. "String" can be used as a verb which means to stretch from one point to another, and "strung" is the past tense version. It is not derived from the words "strong" or "strength."
    – Crazy Eyes
    Sep 18 '15 at 20:36

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