In my previous posts, I wrote sentences like these:

Here is the sentence from C. S. Lewis' The Magician's Nephew.

Here is the piece from a video game.

Then I was citing either one or several sentences from the book/game.

I really don't know whether the definite article was correct there. The sentences aren't the only ones present in the book/game, but, on the other hand, they're particular -- they're the sentences which I was going to talk about.


Since you are introducing these into the 'conversation' for the first time, you should use the indefinite article (or no article, '∅', if you are introducing several entities):

Here is a sentence from The Magician's Nephew:

Here are pieces from a video game:

If you have already mentioned them, or are distinguishing them as a defined subset of a set of entities you have already mentioned, you use the definite article:

While reading The Magician's Nephew I encountered a sentence I couldn't parse. Here is the sentence:

Most pieces of this video game are transparent, but here are the ones I have difficulty with:

Note that in the last example the italicized words define the pieces.

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