It is difficult to predict a revolution. It could go in any direction depending on/upon the qualities of the leader and the group. A strong leader must stand by the beliefs and ideas of the revolution and motivate his team for the same.

Kindly briefly explain why?

Kindly briefly explain why.

Is usage of "kindly" above right?

  • Is this question about depend on/upon or kindly? If it's about both, I'd recommend splitting it into two questions. – Damkerng T. Sep 20 '15 at 15:47

Typically, on and upon are both prepositions that can indicate time and place.

depend on and depend upon essentially mean the same. However, I would say that at least in AE (American English) upon is considered a bit more formal, and would be used for emphasis.

For example:

She depends on her parents for support.

She depends upon her parents for support.

Both of these mean the same thing.

I'm really depending on you to be there for me.

I'm really depending upon you to be there for me.

Again, both of these mean the same thing.

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