Macmillan has only the entry Home Town.
Oxford also has only the entry Home Town (although all examples suggested have hometown written).


Cambridge has only the entry Hometown.
Microsoft Word keeps correcting me (I use BrE dictionary). It underlines Home town: I should write Hometown.

1) Which is the word I should use: Home Town or Hometown?

I've read here that:

Home town is used for “My home town is Flower Mound.” Home is modifying the noun, town.
Hometown is an adjective, as in “My hometown memories.”

2) Is this all right? Do both words exist, one as a noun and the other as an adjective? If it is the case, why the dictionaries don't have both entries?

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Hometown as a noun is American English. Home town (n.) is British English.

Since it's a two-word phrase in British English, it would need to be converted into a compound adjective by using a hyphen, rather than combining them into one word: "My home-town memories" rather than "hometown memories". In American English, "hometown" is also the adjective form.

That's probably why "hometown" isn't appearing in your BrE dictionary searches. "Home-town" may not either, since many compound nouns don't have dictionary entries.


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