This is a basic question, but I don't know if it is:

1) a too much basic question.


2) a much too basic question.

This answer for the difference of usage between too much and much too is awesome.
According to it I am inclined to choose the 2) because what is 'too much' is the basic (adjective) level of the question. But somehow does not sound nice.
What do you think?


You're right, it's the second one

a much too basic question

which you've correctly figured out from the answer you linked because it modifies the adjective 'much'. It's completely normal English, although I agree that aesthetically it's a bit of an awkward construction.

The other option (a too much basic question) reads ungrammatically to me.

  • just to add, for me it's the slight awkwardness of this construction which gives it weight. When you say it out loud the "much" tends to break up the flow, making it more obvious and therefore adding strength over just "too basic" – Joseph Rogers Oct 29 '15 at 16:27

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