people will feel boring if advertisements give information only.

people will feel bored if advertisements give information only.

Please tell me if I should choose bored or boring.

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People will feel boring if advertisements give information only. This is not correct.

"Boring" is an adjective and should therefore only be used to describe a noun. If you say "people feel boring" then you are literally saying that these people do not feel good about themselves; they feel that they do not offer enough entertainment to others, and they are comparing themselves to those around them, believing that they are not as fun as other people.

People will feel bored if advertisements give information only. This is the correct sentence.

By saying "people will feel bored" you are saying that there is boredom, and these people feel it.


"people will feel boring" = people will be aware that they do not provide enough entertainment, to others or to themselves

"people will be bored" = people will not receive enough entertainment from their environment (other people, activities, technology...)

In the case of advertisements, they are boring if they are not interesting / exciting, and people will be bored and will want to watch something else.


Boring describes an activity, not a person. On the other hand, bored describes an emotion. That is why it's better to say "People will feel bored..."

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    People can be described as boring in the same way anything else can: if they tend to bore others. Commented Sep 28, 2015 at 2:10

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