My friend sent an email to somewhere and I just want to know if they responded to him. What is the right way to ask it?

Can I ask:

Did you get email back?

If not, what would be an acceptable way?

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    "Did you get an email back?" is fine, along with "Did you get an email back from [receiver's name]?" – Julia Sep 28 '15 at 13:01

If you are unsure of which person exactly he mailed to, you should avoid using he/she/they and try using a different construction like in the examples below:

  • Have you received a response (to your e-mail)?
  • Did you get a reply?
  • Did you receive an answer?

If you do know who is supposed to reply to his e-mail, use he/she/they. Here are a few examples:

  • Did they reply to your e-mail?
  • Did he give you a response?
  • Did she answer you?
  • Have they answered your e-mail?
  • Has he replied to your e-mail?
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Did you get a {reply/response} to your {message/email}?

Did {he/she/they} {respond/reply} to your {message/email}?

Or: Did {he/she/they} get back to you [about that]?

Note: Use "they" if

  • there were multiple addressees (recipients)

  • you do not know the gender of the addressee(s)

  • you do not know whether there was one addressee or many

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