I don't want to make the same mistake. Therefore, I did my homework on my potential colleges. Moreover, I have my ultimate goal of becoming a research dentist. All that combine, my next obligation is to find a new college where I could embark upon my dream.

In this sentence, is usage of 'all that combine' correct or 'all that combines' or 'all that combined'?


"All that combined" is the right one. However,

If "all that combined" is used without a preposition "with", it doesn't serve the purpose of using the word "combined".

If you have to use the word "combined', I would suggest using it as follows,

All that combined with a desire to find the best suitable college for my dream, I decided to visit a few colleges to get a professional advice from professors and students.

It is just a suggestion because using only "all that combined" as a conjunctive adverb, it sounds a bit awkward.

Hope it helps.

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'All that combined' is the better of the two, but even better may be 'With all of that combined,'...

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