If an employee did something wrong, he/she signs a warning notice. when the employee does something right, what do we call the act of praising the employee?
In fact, I want to show my employees that they are doing a great job, so I want to hang a paper on the wall where the good deeds are stated beside the employee name... do you have any idea what is the name of this paper?

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You could call it an acclamation or a commendation. The full set of synonyms is in the thesaurus.


A rather slangier word is attaboy and a somewhat cynical view of the entire process of issuing performance notifications/awards is contained in enter image description here Note the last line.

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There could be many ways. One of them is...

A word of appreciation

This may suit to your purpose. A paper with the heading and down there the content that praises/tells about the good deeds.

Depending upon the context, such as appreciation at workplace, for support, love, gift etc. it may differ.

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