Question: Is sentence 2 correct? or

Can I remove 2nd and 3rd he in sentence 1?

Sentence 1: When Jack saw me, he came over to me, he shook hands,...

Sentence 2: When Jack saw me, came over to me, shook hands,...

  • Not sure why Mr Chasi deleted the answer. It's actually correct. When the repeating element is removed, it's referred to as "ellipsis". Oct 1, 2015 at 14:34

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I would write:

When Jack saw me, he came over to me and shook hands,...

I would leave the first "he" in, because there are separate actions (saw me vs. came over to me).

Also you could leave out "to me" as it is also repetitive and already understood in context.

When Jack saw me, he came over and shook hands,...

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