Please consider this context:

  • we are on Day 0
  • there is a meeting on Day 4
  • I am leaving the country for 15 days at some time between Day 2 and Day 5

Is the following sentence correct?

"If I haven't left the country already, I will attend the meeting."

Please consider the verb tense and the choice between already/yet.

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Your sentence is fine. The present perfect is correct, and although both already and yet would work here, already is to be preferred because it's slightly less likely to be misparsed as referring to today, Day 0.

You might consider moving already after haven't. It's fine where it is, but it's got just a hair more emphatic rhythm right before left, which is the word you really want to stress:

If I haven't  already  left  the country  
            da-boomty BOOMP  da-boomty
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