The campaign is barraging superdelegates in the South with requests for support. -NY Times

What's the meaning of "barraging" in this sentence?

I searched it in the dictionary('If you are barraged by people or things, you have to deal with a great number of people or things you would rather avoid.') but its meaning is still unclear to me.

  • See Collins, referring the definition of the verb (#5) to noun definition #2. – StoneyB on hiatus Oct 5 '15 at 0:30

This is military metaphor. The definition of "barrage" as a noun is: "a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area".

Indeed, it is more often used in its noun form, though there's nothing wrong with the example sentence. But I'd expect to see a rewrite such as the following more often:

Superdelegates in the South were inundated by a barrage of support requests.

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