When do I use "forum" versus "forums"? Some websites are using "forum", but some others use "forums".

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Either can be used.

A forum deals with one topic whereas the word forums is used to group each forum together.

Incidentally there are people (sometimes highly educated but more often just pains in the necks) who prefer the "original" plural form in Latin: fora


You can use either word. In the first case, forum is probably used because the topic is always Joomla, although there are sub-forums, one for each orange header. In the second case, they preferred seeing the sub-forums as separated forums, and use the plural.

On Drupal.org, the URL for the forums is https://drupal.org/forum, although they are referred as forums, when somebody posts an issue about their own sites in the Drupal.org webmasters queue and they are suggested to ask in the forums.

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