What's the difference in meaning between the phrases "data transfered" and "transfered data"?

The role of the "verb + -ed" combination in a sentence always confuses me.

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What's the meaning differs from "data transfered" [sic] to "transfered [sic] data".

First, the correct spelling is "transferred."

It would be best to have used them in a sentence. Here are some examples:

  1. The transferred data totaled 2.5 GB.
  2. The data transferred totaled 2.5 GB.
  3. The computer transferred data at a high speed.

"Transferred" conjugated as a past participle

In both examples #1 and #2, which have the same meaning, the word "transferred" is conjugated as a past participle of the English verb "transfer." A past participle is typically formed by adding the suffix -ed to the lexical (root) form of the verb. Thus, transfer + -ed = transferred.

A participle can function in a sentence as an adjective modifying a noun (attributively), a predicate (predicatively), or a noun (substantively).

Examples of the past participle "transferred" functioning in each manner:

  1. Attributively or adjectivally:

The transferred data was also encrypted by a complex algorithm.

  1. Predicatively:

The data is transferred, so now we can finish the remainder of our tasks.

  1. Substantively:

If we look at the graph, the amount of the transferred far exceeded that of the non-transferred.

"Transferred" conjugated as a past tense verb

In example #3, the word "transferred" is a verb conjugated in the past tense. Like a past participle, a past tense verb is also formed by adding the suffix -ed to the lexical (root) form of a verb.

Subject - the computer

Verb - transferred

Direct object - data

Participles are actually more complex than I discussed. I offered the basics which I thought were necessary.

To answer your question, the two phrases "data transferred" and "transferred data" can mean the same thing if "transferred" functions as a past participle in both sentences. In other words, it all depends on how the rest of the sentence is constructed.


The difference is grammatical.

In "data transferred", "transferred" is the past participle; a verb.

In "transferred data", "transferred" is either a simple past verb (as in I transferred data elsewhere) or an adjective (The transferred data is 5 GB large.)

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