Between the students in the class which is the best?

Is the above sentence correct grammatically? (My book says it is)

I presume we are using 'Between' instead of 'Among' although the question involves more than 2 people, as the comparison is between only two at each instance (Or am I wrong?)

But can 'which' be used here instead of 'who'?

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    Be careful of the "2/more than 2 rule". You can read a LOT about this at this question, found at our sister site ELU.
    – J.R.
    Commented Oct 10, 2015 at 10:24

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As the question that commenter @J.R. was kind enough to reference states, between is an appropriate word choice because it reflects the well-defined, individual nature of the relationship; there may be many students, but only one of them can be considered the best.

This is also the reason that both which and who can be used and still be grammatical. The word who refers to "the person that" or "the one that" and this parses just fine; as does the word which, which refers to an individual person/thing among several of a class.

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