Aronson noted that the shift in release date from Nov. 25 to early October gave the film a more open path at the box office, where it could play well through the month.

What's the meaning of "give a more open path"? I guess it means that the movie can be screened for a longer period?


As I read the original article here it seems that experts are reviewing for what made this film a roaring success.

I see two points.

In this article, it's clear that this film came apropos! That's because the NASA had announced that it had found evidence of water on the surface of Mars. Had this movie been released on the decided date (Nov 25), this boost wouldn't have been this intense (of course, the news would be older by then i.e. Novermber end).

Second point is from the following sentence which reads -"...where it could play well through the month." Perhaps, they are talking in terms of 'month start' (early October) rather than the month end (Nov end).

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