The summer just gone was one to forget for Korea's tourism industry on the whole.

What's the meaning of phrase "A is one to forget for B on the whole"?

I guess it means something like that Korea's tourism industry was sluggish during the summer which is just gone, but I'm not sure about it.


The original article is here. It is about a marked decline in tourism industry in Korea.

By that sentence, the writer means that this summer was very bad in terms of having tourists. The tourism department wants to forget this (and probably hope that it should never happen again). 'on the whole' is an idiom meaning 'generally i.e. in general'.

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  • Note that unless the Tourism Organization (aka KTO in South Korea) announced such sentiment in the news, the news wouldn't really say "The tourism department wants to forget this". – Damkerng T. Oct 17 '15 at 13:03

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