How can I understand the following example (the very first):

Could I make a point about noise levels?

Is make a point an idiomatic expression or something like that?


One simple way to understand it is to read this make as "express" and this point as "idea/opinion".

Could I make a point about noise levels?
(= Could I express my idea/opinion about noise levels?)

Is make a point idiomatic? Yes.

Is make a point an idiom? Probably not. I'd call it a collocation (sense 1.1).

English has a handful of basic words (e.g. make, do, get) that can have a wide range of meanings, depending on context. Learning their collocates is useful. Macmillan lists a few of collocates of point:

Verbs frequently used with point as the object
▪ illustrate, labor, make, prove, raise

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