What type of sentence is it? What members of sentence are here?

It(song) was no strain on the voice, and I guessed that Margaret knew what she was doing when she chose it.

My observations: It's a compound sentence.There are 5 clauses:1) It was no strain on the voice, 2) I guessed 3) that Margaret knew, 4) what she was doing, 5)when she chose it.

1)It - formal subject.

Was no strain - the compound nominal predicate

On her voice - the prepositional object.

2) I - simple subject

guessed - simple predicate.

3) that Margaret knew - is it some kind of object clause?

Margaret -simple subject.

Knew - simple predicate

That - ?

4)what she was doing - object clause? What does it consist of?

She -subj

Was doing - simlpe verbal predicate(past continious)

What - ?

5)when she chose it - adverbial clause of time.

She - subj,

Chose - predicate,

It- object,

when - ?

As you can see,my grammar is preaty bad,please,help me.


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Yours is really a nice and thorough analysis! Now to your questions:

... and I guessed that Margaret knew...

that -- subordinating conjunction.

... Margaret knew what she was doing...

what -- relative pronoun, the object of "do" (was doing).

... when she chose it.

when -- subordinating conjunction.

  • Victor, as you are familiar with the way russian grammarians treat parts of sentense(attributes,adverbal modifiers),could you help me with this question? ell.stackexchange.com/questions/72632/…
    – Daisy
    Nov 6, 2015 at 20:42
  • I wish I were half as decent with my English grammar as I am with Russian... but I'll try. What didn't you like about the answer you already received? Nov 6, 2015 at 20:45

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