I searched for synonyms of workroom but dict.cc just offers working room or study room. I think working room is inadequate for avoiding repetitions, because it is pretty much the same and I suspect that study room is not really the same as a workroom?!

Additionally I was really disappointed by oxforddictionaries.com not finding a single synonym for workroom.

Any suggestions?

I have several places in my text where workrooms are mentioned. The text is about the distribution (or better allocation?) of workrooms to the staff of a university.

Edit: Please feel free to correct any mistakes in my text above as I am highly interested in learning english as well as possible (:

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    Can you offer any details whatsoever on what you're trying to say? Diction and word choice rely primarily on context, and you have provided none. "Workroom" is a very generic word that really doesn't mean anything outside of context, because all jobs require different tools to be done; some don't need any. It is designed to be generic, since it is just a compound noun of two nouns that are themselves not very descriptive. It seems like you're looking for a different word?
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    Oct 19, 2015 at 17:01

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From google search:


  1. : workroom.

From dictionary.com:

  1. a room, group of rooms, or building in which work, especially mechanical work, is carried on.

I'm not certain on the exact setting of your "workrooms", so pay close attention to the definitions.

You might consider:

  • study (without "room")

a room used or designed for reading, writing, or academic work

This is usually a room within somebody's house.

  • common room

chiefly Brit. a room in a school or college for use of students or staff outside teaching hours.

This is also a relaxation area, it's not specifically designed for work.

  • office

a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place of business for non-manual work

This can also refer to a specific room inside somebody's house.

  • lab or laboratory

Depending on the setting, this might be suitable. While I was at university studying computer science, we often did our work in the "computer lab", but it's worth noting that I can't find a definition to match.

  • workstation, also simply station

1 a desktop computer terminal, typically networked and more powerful than a personal computer.
2 an area where work of a particular nature is carried out, such as a specific location on an assembly line.

This tends to refer to a small working space. It might be a single desk in a larger work room.

These definitions were taken from Apple's built-in dictionary on Mac. I'm not sure how to reference them.

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