What is the difference between "wanted" and "would want"?

"Wanted" would be more informal or it has other meaning? I see some texts or even music,

What I wanted to be..” - John Lennon

In sentence: "I wanted to eat a chocolate, please"

The questions is: I SEE the same meaning

  • "I wanted a chocolate, please" is ungrammatical. It should be: 8I want a chocolate, please.* – Usernew Oct 21 '15 at 14:46

This is a tense difference

Past tense - previously I wanted to be something. You may or may not still want to be that thing


something is what I wanted to be

When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut

Future tense (typically hypothetical) - in a certain circumstance, this is what you would like.

Would want

I would want something

If I was hungry, I would want some soup

Or Future tense but this time not hypothetical. This is what you are going to want, regardless of circumstance

Will want

In future I will want something

Later tonight I will want to sit down and watch a film

And the one you didn't include Present tense. Right now, you want this.


I want something

I want a chocolate

Although remember that "want" is referring to the future. So even in the present tense you're talking about what you would like to happen either in the immediate or distant future.

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