"gorra light 'ave yer"

I found this in OED, but what is this? What are the correct spellings?

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    Could you give us a link to where you found it? It's a spoken version of "Got a light, have you?" where the speaker is asking for a cigarette lighter. – JMB Oct 21 '15 at 22:27

Got a light, have you?

Or in a more basic order:

Have you got a light?

The speaker wants to smoke a cigarette and needs something to light it with.

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This is thick eye-dialect spelling of some British English accent (possibly Cockney or Estuary English, but I'm not an expert on British accents). The words meant here are:

Got a light, have you?

which is a way of asking the question, "Have you got a light?" (or more simply "Do you have a light?").

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