I have been using 'Hurrah/Hurray', but when I recently saw google spam box it says 'Hooray'. Which word actually suits or which one to use?

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  • When I want to be intentionally .. quirky, I use the slightly archaic synonym "huzzah". Oct 23, 2015 at 10:14

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The first two are commonly used in British English, and the latter is used in American English. They'd all be understood completely fine, though - there's no difference in the meanings.


NOAD lists the terms this way:

hooray exclamation
another term for hurrah

hurrah (also hooray, hurray |-ˈrā|) exclamation
used to express joy or approval: Hurrah! She's here at last!

Meaningwise, there's no difference between the terms. As for which one you should use, that depends on how you envision the last syllable pronounced. If you want the reader to mentally end the word with a -rah, use hurrah; if you want them to end it with -ray, use hooray (or hurray).

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