What is the difference between has and did?

Should I use

"Has the service got extended?"


"Did the service got extended?"

Here, service could be a product like Whatsapp or such.

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    It should be "get" for "did the service get extended." And the "Did..." sentence sounds more natural but I dont have anything better than that.
    – SophArch
    Oct 26, 2015 at 3:03
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    Has the service been extended. OR Did the service get extended. OR Was the service extended?
    – Jim
    Oct 26, 2015 at 4:17

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The positive statement in present [perfect] tense is

The service has been extended.

Note the passive voice. When - doesn't matter, result - service is continuing.

What are other ways to say it?

The service was extended. - referring to an act of extending it, taking place in the past.
The service got extended. - same form, essentially, passive voice.

Both forms while pointing to the act of extending the service in the past, state that now the service is continuing (at least colloquially).

So, if you want to form a question about the extension of the service, use any of the above. The present perfect would give you

Has the service been extended?

while the past would be

Was the service extended?
Did the service get extended?

While all are grammatically correct, the latter is the least acceptable, and the former (present perfect) is preferred, I think.

Curiously enough, while "the service has got extended" sounds plausible as a replacement for passive voice, I don't find it used, and neither is the question form of it.

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