What is the difference between extend and extent, when to use which one?

I am wondering, is there a quick rule to know whether one should use extend or extent? I know that it is "to what extend" (as in to what degree), "extent" (as in degree), "extend" (as in expand), but there are more forms and I am getting always getting confused between them.


"Extend" is strictly a verb.

She extends her hand in friendship.
He extended the antenna, hoping to get better reception.

"Extent" is strictly a noun.

To what extent does physical exercise relieve moodiness?
She walked the extent of the plank, then descended into the sea below.

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    I expected this, but apparently my book is wrong that it is "to what extend" (it should be "to what extent", as in your answer, I checked in a dictionary). I will accept your answer in 6 minutes. – wythagoras Nov 3 '15 at 19:03

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